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Buredo - Washington D.C

We love Sushi! We love Burritos! We found the perfect combo in DC, we introduce to you the Buredo! 
Located on a quiet strip on 14th street, we enjoyed taking in the fresh air as we ate. 
We ordered the Sofie, which was described as "crunchy, tangy". The crunch was definitely there from the shrimp tempura, but we needed it to be a little bit more tangy. The chefs were kind enough to give us extra (extra extra) sriracha mayo :) 
Buredo was a hit after walking around all day! The unlimited supply of homemade basil mint lemonade was also greatly appreciated! For some, more than others (Ahem, Salsa) 
The discussion of how to pronounce Buredo sadly arose after we left the location, so we weren't able to ask the chefs, but you can decide for us!
Is it Buh-ree-dough? or Buh-red-O?
We both have strong opinions about it! 
Definitely check them out if you're ever in DC!