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Cori René

 Cori René
Inspired by Nature

What inspired you to create Cori René

It's interesting how everything happens.. Years ago, I had a hard time moisturizing my skin and hair after moving to Syracuse, where it's below zero 80% of the time. After STRUGGLING (the struggle was so real) with dry skin and hair, I took matters into my own hands and handcrafted my own moisturizer in my college kitchen in 2010. I continued creating, and shared the moisturizing and healing powers of Hydration Butta with family and close friends. This inspiration led me to create Cori René in 2013, after hearing and seeing positive feedback on how effective my original skincare formulas were. 

When did you start Cori René and what does it mean to you? 

I officially started Cori René in 2013. Cori René is inspired by nature and powered by plants. Each creation smells good and feels great. Cori René means freedom from products with ingredients that you can't pronounce. After creating my first product, I realized that I finally found a natural cure to the excessive dryness my skin, scalp, and hair experienced during winters in Upstate New York. 

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How do you find inspiration in this ever changing world of beauty / hair products/ body products?

I find inspiration in nature. Every time I go to the community garden, I bring home vital herbs and plants that provide great diversity to my self care routine. A few months ago, I made a facial steam that recently became a top seller at a local market in NYC. At times, I have to push myself to turn my personal creations into products that can be sold. Facial Love was packaged after my girl convinced me to sell her whatever I was brewing to refresh my skin lol. Thanks Ari! <3

Where would you like Cori René to be this time next year? 

Cori René will be available to communities across the country, as well as a self care innovator that collaborates and builds with fellow makers. Promoting environmental sustainability and philanthropy will be a part of our mission and movement towards progress in action. I'm committed to investing time in clean air planting and DIY workshops amongst the youth. It's time to #TakeMattersIntoOurOwnHands

Who are your inspirations?

My family has been a major inspiration to me throughout my life. I honor and appreciate my ancestors, who made something out of nothing and used natural resources to heal our family for generations.
My uncle Randolph is also a major influence, he started his variety business during his teenage years, sold products out of his trunk in '74 and still has two shops to this day in Manhattan and Brooklyn (shout out to Nicholas on 125th & Nicholas Brooklyn).
Female Entrepreneurs inspire me. Madam CJ Walker, Nasozi Kakembo (xNasozi), Queen Afua, Melissa Butler (The Lip Bar), Sophia Amoruso (Nasty Gal #GirlBoss), and Nailah Ellis-Brown (Ellis Island Tea) to name a few.

Smell good!


What are some ways people can support Cori René?

People can spread the word on the importance of investing in experiences, creations, and nutrients that uplift us and help innovate our self care routine. 60% of what you put onto your skin, goes directly into your blood stream, so it's more important than ever to treat yourself to the best ingredients and products possible. Sharing that with your family and friends, is a way of supporting our mission. Our healing collection can help you and your loved ones on your journey to embracing naturally derived skincare products, and can be purchased online at


Meet Nykeba!
Nykeba means Courageous One in Swahili and is best pronounced as Na·key·ba.
Originally from Columbia, Maryland she happily calls New York City her home.
After graduating from Syracuse University, she taught first grade, as well as media literacy and photojournalism to middle schoolers.
In 2013, she founded Cori René:
a natural skincare collection that is
"inspired by nature, powered by plants."
She has a passion for DIY activities, sharing #SalubriousSecrets, biking, cooking, hiking, and traveling.

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