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Declutter Your Mind & Space Campaign

How many of us have unnecessary baggage in our lives? Whether it be clothes, shoes, or mental weight. Like my younger brother so wisely said to me on my birthday “Declutter yourself”. This could be applied in every aspect of our lives. Clean out the closet, or that drawer that has been accumulating random junk over the years. Clear out your mental space by clarifying intentions, or asking for forgiveness. The art of letting go is truly valuable and we’re here to help you revive it!! It’s overwhelming to begin this process of clearing out by yourself so we’re here to guide and support you as we also clear out our baggage. Also! As an incentive, we will be hosting “The Corner Bazaar” on Sunday, August 13th 2017 where you can sell all the things you no longer need! Invite anyone that you think will find this campaign helpful. We will also be posting advice and progress pictures on this page, feel free to post yours on Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtag #declutter

Strange Encounters