strange encounters
we will always have a place for you


welcome strvngers

what does strvnge encounters mean to you?

strvnge encounters is a community oriented fluid platform that weaves itself around the ebb and flow of the people that occupy the space. 

why is this space needed in communities? 

existing in a society that demands so much from every person on a daily basis, a space for healing, love, and radical self care is crucial. strvnge encounters strives to be that space, where you can be unapologetic in your existence.

what do you hope you can achieve through strvnge encounters? 

a purpose. for everyone who doesn't quite fit into other organizations or spaces, and can't seem to find a purpose in their way of healing, i would hope that strvnge encounters is the place for them. i want to look back in 10 years and see community based initiatives that were cultivated at a workshop or a healing circle. 

How can we participate in StrVnge Encounters?

it would be an honor to hear from you about your interest, please email me at

Strange Encounters